Love Is Patient…Love Is Kind… (original post Feb. 15, 2016)


I just had my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman! Most people who know me expect me to wear mostly black on any given day, and this day was no exception…not like back in my single days when I wore all black in protest of Valentine’s Day, but because my love and excitement for my husband is the same today as it was yesterday and the day before!
I used to be one of those girls who fought back the desire to roll my eyes at wedding speeches (“Love is patient….Love is kind….”) Anything related to romance made me IM-patient and angry for a long time. You might assume my heart changed when I met my husband, but it actually changed years before that, when I rededicated myself to Jesus. When I essentially put Jesus into 1 Cor 13:4-8, I changed my whole perspective on what love is all about and why the single person’s “wait” is just as important as when the wait is over. (“Jesus is patient-Jesus is kind-Jesus never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits…”) I am not a fan of going out of your way to show someone you love them just on Valentine’s Day, any more than only honoring the Lord on major holidays. Just like loving Jesus, loving my husband is most enriching and rewarding when it’s an every day thing!
How we treat each other moment to moment, when there’s no Facebook proof or friends watching, is a much greater tradition to uphold! This year, I gave a dear, struggling “It’s Complicated” friend a little gift and wished her Happy Life-Is-Good-Day! She was grateful to find a new way to appreciate a day that otherwise frustrates her. On the flip side, another sweet single girlfriend said, “I’m going on a date with the Holy Spirit!” Don’t let the world tell you how special this particular day is supposed to be! Valentine’s Day is what you make it, no matter where you are in relationships.
OK, so I changed into a red dress for dinner. I wanted my husband to shower me with affection and attention on this traditional day. I’m human!!! Tradition can be very comforting, however, I strive to say the words from the cards we exchange and to show what’s in my heart long after the roses find their way to the trash. Again, Valentine’s Day is what you make it, just like President’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas…God knows what’s in your heart, and your heart is made to love. Today has just as much Valentine or Christmas potential as yesterday! How can you show Christ’s love today?


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