God’s “Unbreakable” Timing (original post July 14, 2017)

UnbreakableCD coverFINAL-hi res

UNBREAKABLE is the album I’ve been waiting decades to sing. The irony is sinking in that my very first childhood wish was to become a recording artist, yet this album wouldn’t be this good if my wish had been granted before now…and I am in awe of God’s timing!

Since before I was born, I believe God shaped everything that is good about me, including my voice. My first memories of singing are in the living room with my mother, as we rehearsed for church solos, progressed to national talent competitions and finally to professional auditions. Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed developing my “hand-ography”, where one juggles a microphone, its cord, and hand motions while walking the stage and performing a song. Very “Star Search”, we used to say. I was especially fond of extending my hand to the audience, palm up, as if I was begging for their acceptance, and then slowly lifting it into the air like one gently releases a balloon into the sky. Such a move was best suited for my “money notes”, which were the biggest ones I could muster.

For most of my life I valued “money notes” over lyrics. Who could really blame me when my vocal range stole all the attention from the words I sang! What I’ve since discovered is that if I focus on a song’s message above all else, then all of my notes naturally become “money” because they become genuine. That was a long, hard lesson for this childhood ham to learn…the hand-ographer extraordinaire, the belter who could park and bark with the best of them. But those days are over.

After all of the ups and downs of my personal and professional life, I am thankful that I have come this far and that I am still singing with a heart and voice that God shaped just for me. No more begging for acceptance. No more lifting up that imaginary balloon. I have a deeper purpose now, beyond mere notes. I have something to say, and I say it in UNBREAKABLE.

UNBREAKABLE chronicles my highest joys to my deepest pains. UNBREAKABLE is a thank you as well as a war cry. UNBREAKABLE lifts up my message of hope, restoration and empowerment to the heavens. And UNBREAKABLE is proof that God’s timing will always be better than mine!


Former Mouseketeer * Inspirational Pop Recording Artist * Speaker/TV Interviewer * CoCreater: Bravehearted Girls & Freedom Fighters live shows * Worship Leader * Songwriter * Vocal Arranger/Producer/Coach * Live Show/Interview Coach * Vlogger/Blogger * Director of Client Success: PCG Universal

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